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Life beyond design

Originally from Western Massachusetts, I moved to Boston to pursue a Business degree. Over time, I would discover several creative interests and skills that would later influence my life (and career in UXD).


Writing is at the core of my creative spirit. For much of my life, I have used writing to express what I'm thinking and feeling, described in my own variety of styles, genres, and tones.

Much of the work I have saved can be found on my blog, Artifact.

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Other Interests

I grew up listening to what my father and brother listened to, an eclectic blend of 70s, 80s, and 90s. Of course, I've discovered more since then. I enjoy live music shows, and collect vinyl records!

As a product of the 1980's Nintendo Generation, technology continues to amaze me. Every day, we seem to advance the benchmark in what's possible in the world.

When inspired, I like to explore creative activities of all kinds. Anything from drawing and painting, to making beeswax candles and pinback buttons (@opinionbuttons).

Health and wellness are very important to me. I like to balance my fitness between weights, and a blend of stretching, cardio, and outdoor activities.


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