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Design Sprint

Design Sprint

In 2018, I participated in a Design Sprint to address a “Next Steps” experience within Fidelity’s Wealth Management service offering. Identifying a target problem to solve, our cross-functional team created an intuitive way for Advisors and Clients to record and share meeting notes and follow-up items with one another in an effective and compliant way.



Between 2013 and 2017, I was the Design Lead for Fidelity’s A/B Testing Program. Using an Agile “test and learn” methodology, we identified and executed hundreds of opportunities to learn from users, and improve the end-to-end experience of their retail website. Over time, I helped the business evolve their digital brand; trying new things in an effort to improve the site’s usability and performance.


New Font Implementation

For six months of 2016, I and a single front-end developer worked tirelessly to install a custom font family into Fidelity.com’s well-established CMS platform. This project coincided with a global brand shift to launch in early 2017. With limited time and resources, we converted thousands of lines of CSS (for several page templates and design components) from px to em. It was a herculean task that we accomplished in a sequence of releases, in sync with their new-year brand shift.


Homepage Redesign

In 2014, I participated as an Information Architect in the redesign of Fidelity.com’s retail homepage. The previous design was old; congested, disconnected, and ineffective in communicating its value to visitors. Our solution (in partnership with every stakeholder involved) was a cleaner experience; content was consolidated, primary actions were prominent, and value for the customer was brought to the forefront. Our work transformed the site, leading to a significant increase in customer engagement and satisfaction.


Responsive Redesign

Around 2012, Responsive Web Design was taking off, sparking an important disruption in the tech industry. My interest in the subject got me involved in the full-scale responsive redesign of Fidelity.com. My knowledge of their CMS platform allowed me to define and document the responsive behaviors and visual specifications of every page template and component used, tested across multiple browsers and devices.


Content Migration

My first role in UX was in Content Delivery, as a Web Publisher for Fidelity’s enterprise CMS platform. Using a template-driven design system, I worked with information architects, visual designers, content strategists, researchers, and developers to build and launch a new online retail website for the company; managed in one place, supported by measurement and dynamic functionality.


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